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This section will discuss basic strategies for playing the basic game, the scenarios and the campaigns.

Dogfight Essentials

On the offence
When you are going in for the kill, do not commit your best "In my sights" cards early. It is imperative not to commit early, throw our some lower value "In my sights" cards to drain your opponents hands. If possible, utilise your wingman to initiate the attack. That way, his hand of possible defensive cards could be drained.

On the Defence
It is essential to keep a few cards on hand to foil "In my sights - Fuel tank hit". For some circumstances, it may be worth receiving a burst (that will not flip on to the damage status) in the interest of preserving your hand.

Change altitude if the opposing fighter is only at an advantage to you. This defensive move will cost the opposing fighter two cards if he chooses to follow you.

When your hand is drained (low energy status) and you are at a neutral position from your opponent, try shifting to a lower altitude. This can buy you time while refilling your hand.

Discard your "In your sights" cards if you are at 'disadvantaged' or 'tailed' and draw new replacements. Concentrate on preserving your aircraft first. Your chance will come later. Patience is the key here. 


Dogfights: Early Allied Fighters versus Agile Japanese Fighters

In the early Pacific War engagements, the ability of Japanese fighters with the 'agile' ability can make them more than formidable. Early Allied aircraft, for instance, the Brewster F2A Buffalo, would do well to attempt head-on bursts against Japanese fighters. Against the Ki-43, which has a meagre armament of only two machine guns and is unable to to respond (having 0 burst), this tactic  is more than prudent considering that the Ki-43 is lightly built.


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