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These webpages are dedicated to the Down in Flames series of wargames.

The Fall of Malaya and Singapore - In progress

The Fall of the Philippines - In progress

Air War China - In progress

Air War New Guinea - In progress

Mediterranean Air War - In progress

  • Scenario 1
    In April 1944, I Gruppo Caccia managed six engagements over Friuli, Southern Austria, and Croatia. Four Allied bombers and four fighters were claimed by the Gruppo, against a loss of five Macchi C.205s.
  • Scenario 2
    In July and August 1944, I Gruppo Caccia engaged the USAAF, claiming three P-47s and a Spitfire against the loss of eleven C.205s and seven pilots.
  • Scenario 3
    II Gruppo Caccia operated from its Villafranca base, near Verona. In these engagements,  twelve Messerschmitts Bf-109G6s were lost in seventeen combats, with ten A-20s, six P-47s, four Spitfires, three B-24s and a P-38 being claimed shot down.


Down in Flames is a series of wargames consisting of 'The Rise of the Luftwaffe', 'Eighth Air Force', 'Zero!', 'Corsairs and Hellcats' and 'Flying Circus', designed and produced by GMT Games. The abovementioned titles are trademarks owned by GMT Games. The material depicted in these pages is strictly non-commercial in nature and are scenarios and variants for use with the games. The material here is not official and is not associated with GMT Games. They are a product of 'fandom' if you may. December 2002