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These webpages are dedicated to the Down in Flames series of wargames. The Down in Flames series of wargames simulates the air combat arena between individual aircraft through cards. At present, the wargames in that series consist of 'The Rise of Luftwaffe', 'Eight Air Force', and 'Zero!' The 'Rise of the Luftwaffe' describes the  early years of the air war in Europe, the Battle for France, the Battle of Britain, and the invasion of the Soviet Union. The 'Eighth Air Force' is about the air war in Europe from 1943 to 1945, featuring the advent of the US Eighth Air Force. 'Zero!' is the wargame about the air war in the early years of the Pacific War including Singapore, Philippines, and Midway.

Two more games in the series, 'Corsairs and Hellcats', the wargame of the Pacific War from 1943 to 1945, and 'Flying Circus', a wargame of the Great War', are forthcoming.

Currently, 'The Rise of the Luftwaffe' is out of print and is on the GMT Games P250 list. 'Eighth Air Force' is available but it is an expansion and will require the former to play. 'Zero!' is a standalone game. For the beginner, it is advised that he or she purchase 'Zero!' for a start. 'Eighth Air Force' is completely compatible with 'Zero'.  'The Rise of the Luftwaffe' may see print again.

'Rise of the Luftwaffe' Set 1 - Out of print.
'Eighth Air Force' Set 2 - Requires Set 1 or Set 3 to play.
'Zero!' Set 3 - Standalone. Can be played without the others.
'Corsairs and Hellcats' Set 4 - To be released shortly.
'Flying Circus' Set 5 - To be released some time in the future.

The website will have additional aircraft for use with the Down in Flames series, additional scenarios, strategies and commentaries. To view the information, click on the following:


30.04.2003 - No new updates until the release of 'Corsairs and Hellcats'. I want to see the  new aircraft cards as I want to avoid duplicating effort and cards. This site will attempt to cover aircraft that GMT Games does not cover as a supplement.
28.01.2003 - New fighter and wingman cards uploaded. Reggianne C.2005. Sagittario, Fiat G.55. Centauro, Macchi M.C.200. Saetta.
28.01.2003 - New wingman card uploaded. Reggianne Re-2001.

28.01.2003 - New fighter card uploaded. Reggianne Re-2001.
25.01.2003 - New wingman card uploaded. Macchi C.202. Folgore.
24.01.2003 - New fighter card uploaded. Macchi C.202. Folgore.
20.01.2003 - Strategies page updated with dogfight essentials.
18.01.2003 - New fighter card uploaded. Re-2000-III.
17.01.2003 - New fighter card uploaded. Macchi C.205. Veltro.
16.01.2003 - New fighter card uploaded. Fiat G.50. New forthcoming scenario info up.
01.01.2003 - New fighter cards uploaded. Ki-84, J7W1.
31.12.2002 - Website created.


The Down in Flames series of games is designed by Dan Verssen, a noted designer of the following excellent games:  Eighth Air Force, Flagship: Coyote Stands, Flagship: Prometheus Unchained, Hornet Leader, Rise of the Luftwaffe, Thunderbolt/Apache Leader, Zero!, Modern Naval Battles, Modern Naval Battles 2, Modern Naval Battles 3, Star Force Terra: Contact.

GMT Games is one of the leading design houses of wargames and boardgames today. After the end of Avalon Hill as a serious wargame house, GMT Games, with Multiman Publishing, Decision Games and Avalanche Press, produces some of the finest wargames in the industry.

If you should need to contact me, you can reach me at: cyberiad@pacific.net.sg 

Disclaimer: Down in Flames is a series of wargames consisting of 'The Rise of the Luftwaffe', 'Eighth Air Force', 'Zero!', 'Corsairs and Hellcats' and 'Flying Circus', designed and produced by GMT Games. The abovementioned titles are trademarks owned by GMT Games. The material depicted in these pages is strictly non-commercial in nature and are scenarios and variants for use with the games. The material here is not official and is not associated with GMT Games or the designer of the games. They are a product of 'fandom' if you may. December 2002 

Important Notice: For all the  'Down in Flames' Series wargames, the counters, cards, packaging, etc. are copyright ©Rodger B.MacGowan, RBM Studio. The game and game design are copyright ©GMT Games.  All Visual Images copyright their respective authors/artists.